Monday, July 1, 2019

A Barbecue at Home

A few weeks ago I invited my mum and stepdad over for tea. We hadn't seen them since the vow renewal and wanted to show them the photos and the holiday photos so I invited them over after work one Tuesday. I had already said that I wanted to make some halloumi kebabs, and then the weather was so nice that I said we should have a barbecue. I've said before that I love barbecues and genuinely think we should have one whenever we want, especially if the weather is nice because you never know when it'll turn and be too wet. 

So we put together some halloumi kebabs, and Lee made some chicken kebabs too cos he and my mum don't like halloumi. We made a coriander dip for the kebabs, and picked up some salads and breadsticks and hummus. We also roasted some new potatoes which we've never done before but which were SO yummy! Really simple food but good enough for the four of us!

When my mum and stepdad arrived Lee was in the garden getting the barbecue going, so we all sat out there eating crisps and drinking wine. On a school night too! The kebabs were done in no time, and we sat inside to eat. After tea we looked at the photos before they went home. It was a simple meal and a really easy evening - my favourite kind!

Drinking prosecco out of my fancy glasses that I got in a charity shop for 39p each!

Halloumi kebabs with peppers and mushrooms

Some kind of superfoods salad

Roasted new potatoes

And finally Ivy later on having cuddles!

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