Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trip to Cumbria - Day 1

As I said, Lee and I went to Cumbria for a couple of days over his birthday last month. We'd considered going to Wales, but honestly we've been to Wales loads. I fancied a change, and Lee found an Airbnb that was just a few yards from the sea and which was really cosy and comfortable. It was this cottage, I would highly recommend it if you're in the area.

From where we live you can either go across the M62 and up the M6, or up the A1 and across the A66. Well, I hate the M62 so much - it's always full of traffic - so I said we should go up to Barnard Castle and meet Lee's mam and stepdad for lunch. They live in Durham only about half an hour away. They came and so did Lee's sister and her three kids, which was nice. My only issue was that the pub we went to only did Sunday dinner or vegetarian chilli, which I didn't really want. It was fine, I ate it anyway and it was nice and spicy!

We got to Allonby, just north of Maryport, around 3pm. Vera, the owner, was there to greet us, and the cottage was really clean and also quiet. So quiet! We unpacked a little bit and then decided to drive through Maryport and Allonby to see what there was around.

We stopped in the marina in Maryport and looked at the sea a bit. I do believe in the power of the sea as a calming influence on me. It was blowing a gale and slightly exhilarating, but it was so lovely.

We didn't stay out very long, we were both tired from travel, but it was nice to get out a bit and see around where we were. We both got in our pyjamas as soon as we got back to the cottage, and we hunkered down to watch films and have snacks for tea. It was lovely!

This was the view from the door of our cottage - the sea is just there!

Maryport at low tide

And again

Me and him

Looking along the prom from further round in Maryport

I love old anchors

Panorama of the beach

The sea seemed really far out

This was a sculpture showing all of Maryport's history, including the Roman settlement

This is the beach at Allonby really close to our cottage

It was more shale here

And this is to show you just how windy it was!

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