Sunday, September 8, 2019

What I Wore 17th August and Leeds Clothes Swap

As Lee and I were at home on the 17th, we decided to go to the clothes swap in Leeds that Kirsty and Emily were organising. They've done a few now, but I've not been able to go to any so far - one fell on my birthday and another was when I was on holiday - so when I could make it to this one I was determined to! We set off at lunchtime to the Cardigan Centre, and ended up meeting my friend Cherry outside!

We went inside, met Kirsty and Emily, unpacked the things I'd taken with me, then had a bit of a look around. There were some other people I knew, so it was nice to chat with them, including some people I hadn't seen in ages. I picked up a few things, but more importantly I got rid of a bunch of things that I didn't want any more. That's the best thing about swaps! I saw a lot of my things being picked up to go to new homes, which is great.

We stayed quite late but left around 4pm. We just came home afterwards because we had to pack for the next day, but it had been nice anyway. I had remembered about this pleather plated skirt that I bought last year off Lucia but which I've never worn. I actually really like it on - it's comfortable but looks really cool. It is quite warm though, the inside of the pleather is sort of suede like and soft. I'd wear this more in the winter with tights I think! I wore it with this twisted t-shirt from Simply Be that I've been wearing loads recently. I love the colour of it and the sleeve length.

Lee took this of us in the Cardigan Centre. It's a nice space!

My outfit, the skirt is below my knees so I would wear it without leggings underneath too 

I picked this pink ring up from Topshop a few years ago, I don't wear it often but it's nice

A somewhat better shot of the outfit

And I wore my flamingo necklace, I got it from Lolly a few years ago so I'm not sure where it's from

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