Monday, September 2, 2019

Day Out in Sheffield with Friends

At the beginning of August Lee and I went to Sheffield to see Bettie and Jen. We'd not hung out with them in ages so it was really lovely. We decided to go to the Graze Inn on Eccleshall Road for brunch.

I ordered a mimosa which was lovely, and then had the veggie breakfast which was so good. You also get free toast and juice with brunch, which was nice. Everyone had brunch too, everyone said it was nice.

The weather was nice and the pub was quite hot so we decided to go to Endcliffe Park for ice creams and a walk around. It was quite busy but still lots of space to be had, so we had ice creams then walked along the brook in the woods which were nice and cool. There's quite a few places where you can get in the brook so I went paddling. I hope my sandals have survived because I love them!

After the park we went back to Bettie and Jen's for a bit. We had some wine and played cards for a bit before coming home. It was a really lovely day, I do like being outside when the weather's nice!

Mimosa in the restaurant. It's a really nice smart place, a bit hipster, very cute! I'd go back. They had plenty of veggie options and a whole vegan menu

My cocktail matched my top!

The butter was wrapped up in these very cute wax wrappers

Veggie breakfast - thyme and black pepper rostis, chargrilled avocado, garlic mushrooms, halloumi fries, asparagus, and two poached eggs

Ice cream in the park! I had bubblegum sauce

Cute little brook

Look at all the exposed roots in this tree! Amazing 

Sitting on the edge of the water, just before I got in it

Lee took this of us on a bench

Paddling a little bit further upstream near a bridge

Bettie and Jen wanted to point at this rock, so they did

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  1. There's nothing nicer than a paddle on a hot day. I think we have to make the most of the weather now, there's a definitely nip in the air and autumn is just around the corner.