Saturday, September 14, 2019

Films of the Month - August

I watched sixteen films in August and thoroughly enjoyed all of them, it was a good month for films! Here's what I saw:

Netflix was trailing this film when I was browsing, so I thought I'd give it a go. I liked it, I thought it was quite funny and nice to see some older women in a film

Private Romeo is a queer film set in a boys' military school, it's kind of legendary among my friends because the boys stay largely in character so at one point Nurse tells Romeo he's wearing "sweet kicks". It's hilarious and sweet, I liked the rewatch

This is a queer film where a Mormon missionary falls in love with his gay neighbour. It's a really good film, sweet and moving. Trigger warning for violence, though

Atonement was my book club book a couple of months ago and while I'd read the book, I hadn't seen the film, so I decided to do that. I thought it was a good adaptation and I do of course love James McAvoy

Can you believe I'd never seen Moulin Rouge? It looked pretty and I do like Ewan, but it left me a bit cold. I knew how it was going to end so maybe that was it

Lee and I went to the cinema bright and early one Saturday morning to watch Toy Story 4. I thought it was great, I loved Bo Peep and I thought it was a nice end to the franchise

Someone reminded me of The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which I've only seen once before I think. It is really good, I think it's a good adaptation of the book and each of the main actors is really good

Lee and I watched Ocean's Twelve because we watched Ocean's Eleven not so long back. I felt it was overly long, it really seemed to lose its way in the middle somehow. The first one is better

I finally saw Rocketman after missing it at the cinema! Lee and I watched it on holiday. I liked it, I liked how it was a bit surreal. Taron Egerton was good, but I thought Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin was excellent. Lee liked it too, which surprised me

We always watch stupid films on holiday, and Wayne's World is one of our favourites. I know it's stupid, but I have loved it since I was quite little (way too young to watch it, really) so I can't help it

So the next day we watched Wayne's World 2, which is actually my favourite of the two, because of Del Preston and the concert and the Mrs Robinson ending

We watched Toy Story 3 because we'd seen the fourth one; I do like it but it was weird watching it knowing it wasn't the end of the story now

Lee wanted to watch The Terminator so we did. I do like it, but I prefer the second one I think. I do have a soft spot for the two films though because I wrote about the ethics of the Terminator in my undergraduate degree dissertation

I next watched The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Story which I'm including as a film because it was so long. It's about a young woman who was abused by her mother who had Munchausen's by proxy syndrome; she then killed her mother or was at least party to her murder, you may have seen news stories about it when it happened a few years ago. It was really interesting - Gypsy comes across really well actually, and while it's hard to comprehend what she went through, it's also difficult to reconcile her as a cold blooded murderer. Very interesting, I'd recommend it if you like true crime

Lee and I watched Men In Black International as we'd been meaning to. I thought it was only okay. Chris and Tessa are both great, and I liked the beginning and the end, but I thought the middle strayed and lacked focus. I missed Will Smith way too much too

Finally I watched Departure which I'd had recommended to me. It's kind of like Call Me By Your Name only far less problematic. A teenager and his mum are living in rural France while her marriage is falling apart, and he falls in love with a French teenager, Clement. I would recommend it!

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