Monday, August 10, 2020

Films of the Month - June

I didn't watch many films in June at all, and I don't really have much reason as to why, except that I was watching a lot of TV. Oh, I did give up on Emmerdale though. I've watched Emmerdale faithfully for around four years, but I was getting fed up of it. Then the lockdown episodes really annoyed me and I just decided to not go back to it. It's the only soap I watch but I seem to have switched my allegiance to new franchises of Real Housewives instead. I'm faithful to Cheshire, Dallas, Potomac, and Melbourne, but Netflix persuaded me to try Beverly Hills and well, those women are on another scale... It's weird how TV tastes change.

Anyway, the films. Here's what I watched:

Sam and I watched Lion right at the beginning of June. We saw it at the cinema when it came out, but neither of us had seen it since then. It's really good and Dev is a babe, so it was great

After Ivy died Sam said if I wanted to watch something easy over that weekend, so we watched The Devil Wears Prada which I really like. I love Anne Hathaway, she's a babe too

Then next we watched Trainspotting, which neither of us had seen in forever. It's iconic, isn't it. I love it. I first saw it aged fourteen and I swear it put me off hard drugs for life

The following week Sam and I watched The Krays, starring Martin and Gary Kemp as the Kray twins. I have seen it before, but not for years. It's pretty good, I like it. Martin is really good especially

I'd never seen Juno and thought it was about time I did. I liked it, and the soundtrack is great

Lee and I watched Clueless, a film we both love and have seen a million times. I love it, I have started to watch the new Babysitters Club on Netflix where Alicia Silverstone plays Kristy's mom

Finally Sam and I watched this documentary about Adam Lambert singing with Queen. We're both big fans of Adam and Queen, so we were pleased when he started singing with them. We saw them in 2017 in Leeds, which I wrote about here. The documentary is really good, it goes through every thing that happened to Queen since Freddie died, up to and including Adam. We both enjoyed it

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