Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Another Festive Outfit

Clearly we couldn't see anyone else over Christmas after Christmas Day itself, but a couple of days later we had to pop out so I pulled on this new dress from Simply Be. It's a Joe Brown's dress, you already know how much I like their stuff. I wasn't sure if this dress would fit me, but it does, and I think it's lovely. I wore it out with my Sprinkle of Glitter ballet cardigan which has ties around the waist. I love that cardigan, I don't wear it often enough. It's navy blue, which is perfect for this dress as the flowers are navy too. I like the little fake buttons running down the front. The sleeves are kind of split, which is a nice effect too. I'll definitely be wearing this again with tights, and I think it's a perfect summer dress too. 

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