Saturday, January 9, 2021

What I Wore December 22nd

We needed to run a few errands yet again on the 22nd, including picking up food that I had ordered expecting my mum and stepdad to be able to come to ours on Christmas Eve, which of course they can't now do. So frustrating that I couldn't cancel the order, but Lee and I did have some of the nice food for lunch on the 22nd and the days following. 

I put this dress on. It's a Lady V Voluptuous one, which I've always admired and wanted to try, but been unsure about fit so I just never have. However, Debz was selling this dress and I liked the pattern, so I decided to buy it to see what the fit is like.

And honestly, it's great on me! The material has a slight stretch, which is good. I wondered if the boobs would be too open on me, and gape, but when I was standing up they were fine, and when I sat down they were fine too, I just pulled one side up and I'm sure you couldn't have seen anything from the front even though from the top I felt quite exposed. The dress has a zip down the back, although I found I could pull it on over my head. I love the dress, it would be great with an underskirt underneath for a real retro look.

I'll definitely keep an eye on Lady V in the future for dresses! 

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