Saturday, January 23, 2021

New Year's Eve 2020

I never really enjoy New Year's Eve - I always find it quite stressful. Lee actively dislikes it, so except for the first year we were together, we've never spent it alone, because it's better for both of us if we're with other people. Quite a few years we spent it just with my parents, or since my dad died, with my mum and stepdad. This year we had hoped to be with some friends, but of course that couldn't happen. I wasn't at all looking forward to the evening, so Lee and I decided to have a nice meal and stuff and make the best of it. 

There's a garden centre near here that has a really lovely cafe, and I heard that they were doing a special New Year's Eve menu. We ended up looking just in time before their cut off, so that was lucky. We booked it over the phone and decided on 6.30 to pick up the food. I got dressed just before that into this new Simply Be dress that again I had got recently in the sale and was saving for New Year to make it a bit special. 

It's a lovely colour. It's more of a summer dress but I was mostly warm inside the house so it was fine. It's a lovely cheesecloth type of material, and I love the off the shoulder look as I think that suits me. I had a dress nearly this colour, but it got destroyed when I wore it when I had a cold and had applied Vicks Vaporub - it's now got grease marks on it that I can't get out :( So when I saw this dress in this gorgeous colour, I had to get it. 

We set off out in the ice to go pick the food up. Our yard doesn't get a lot of traffic on it so it can remain icy for ages. The staff at the cafe were really polite and the food was well packaged. We got home and had starts. There was fresh made bread and butter, then Lee had a chicken caesar salad and I had goats cheese tartlets. 

Then we both had curry, which came with rice and raita and was really nice. For dessert we both had chocolate and Biscoff cheesecakes, which were huge; I didn't eat all of mine. Then there was a handmade truffle too, which was a nice touch. I had a bottle of Prosecco alongside.

At 9pm we video chatted with all of Lee's family for about an hour, which was nice. We also watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off which I have seen but not for forever, so that was fun. At 11.15pm we video chatted with my family, and stayed on that chat until midnight when we welcomed in the New Year together. I'm sure lots of families did this and it was nice, although nor anything like normal.

I had some champagne to see in the new year but only drank one glass of it, so I had it the next night and the one after too, which was lovely as I do love champagne. In all, it was a nice night and I'm glad we made it a bit special.

Gorgeous sunshine yellow dress

Icy in the yard!

Plus it was so icy on top of the cafe building

Tartlets and chutney

Plus the bread, and look at my amazing tablecloth I made last year



Little truffle to finish the meal off

And here's Lee and I while we were video chatting :)

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