Saturday, January 16, 2021

Christmas Day 2020

Well, Christmas wasn't at all usual, but it was nice. The day itself wasn't that unusual for me - we spent it with my mum, stepdad, and grandma, which often happens, but it was the stuff around Christmas that was different. We couldn't see Lee's family, we couldn't see my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and we couldn't get together with friends. I felt quite sad in the days after. 

We went to my mum's on Christmas Day, we got there around 10.30. We took the kittens! They need to be fed fairly often still, so leaving them for more than twelve hours isn't ideal. So we decided to take them. My mum has two cats who are twelve, so we weren't sure how exactly they would all get on. Millie, who is black like Jasmine, growled and grumbled and ended up being shut in the conservatory. Ruben, who is white with black bits, was quite happy to let the kittens just look at him, but then growled when Jasmine stole a little bit of turkey off him. In her defence, our kittens are fed together, so they think all food is for sharing! 

We did what we always do and had our starter at lunchtime. It was homemade leek and potato soup and it was lovely. We had our main course at around 4.30/5pm. I had a no beef Wellington from Morrisons and it was absolutely lovely - a fake sausage meat in the middle and mushrooms and cranberries on top, all in flaky pastry. It was really nice, I hope they do it all year. We had all the trimmings - roast potatoes, stuffing, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables. Oh and bread sauce! So good. My mum had then made an orange cheesecake for dessert, which we ate around 7pm I think. It was really light and fresh. 

We of course had presents during the day. I got some lovely stuff including lots of vinyl and wine glasses from Lee, and a gold necklace and mechanical pencil from my Mum and Norman. I had a mechanical pencil that belonged to my dad, and a few weeks ago it gave up the ghost. I was really sad, so asked for another fancy one to replace it. I find a mechanical pencil useful for my job! 

I of course also got a bunch of books, I love getting books at Christmas! I'll be trying to read all of these pretty soon into the new year. I did this last year and I did quite well! 

My outfit was a navy dress from Joanna Hope, that I got via Simply Be in the sale. It was only about £20 and I was saving it for Christmas. I love the lace and fringing to it, I think it looks really special and I enjoyed wearing it for Christmas Day. I wore it with leggings and nothing else. I had lots of lovely navy jewellery to wear with it! I also wore these blush pink flats from Dorothy Perkins, I got them in the Debenhams sale recently so they were only around £7. They're wide fit and really cute.

Navy Joanna Hope dress with Evans leggings and Dorothy Perkins flats

Poppy going over to investigate Ruben to see what he's all about. I keep thinking my kittens are full grown now but seeing them next to actual cats it was obvious they are not!

My Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. It was lush. I wish I'd been able to have leftovers on Boxing Day!

Orange cheesecake

All the vinyl Lee bought me!

Fancy wine glasses, these were from TKMaxx

All the books I got, from a number of people. I'm really looking forward to a bunch of these!

Mechanical pencil

And some scented candles I got too!

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