Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Barbecue on 13th June

Sunday the 13th of June was supposed to be a really warm day so I invited my mum and stepdad over for a barbecue. We have the world's tiniest garden but it's nice to sit out in it. We've been taking the kittens out too, on harnesses. They like to explore and eat grass and sunbathe, it's very cute. My mum and stepdad arrived about 3.30 and we took the kittens out almost straight away. Lee and my stepdad were sorting something out inside, but the kittens kept us amused outside. Then when we were all outside, Lee decided to start destroying the wooden chairs and table that we've had forever. We don't use them - Ivy was the one who sat most on them. Usually if we sit in the garden we sit on picnic blankets on the grass, or if we've got visitors we use our camping chairs and table. The wooden stuff was all rickety, and taking up space, so Lee's been meaning to destroy it for a while. He had a lot of fun doing it.

We put the kittens back inside and got the barbecue going. I'm not sure Lee and I had a barbecue at all last year, and I love them. Ours is small and cute! I bought it for Lee a few years ago. We let it get nice and hot all over before putting on chicken for those three and kebabs for me and veggie sausages for all. We had homemade potato salad and some other bits, but I hadn't gone overboard. We put some of the kindling from the garden furniture on the barbecue for a bit of a fire. 

We had food and then started a game of Trivial Pursuit. It wasn't very sunny but it was muggy. Halfway through the game my stomach hurt and I went to the bathroom and ended up being sick, which curtailed the evening! I dunno what it was, if something had disagreed with me, but I didn't feel at all well. That meant I didn't get a picture of my gorgeous dress, either, which is annoying because I havent blogged it before and it's really pretty! 

But, it was a really nice time and I'm glad they came. 

Oh I was wearing these cute little green leaf earrings that I bought from The Perfect Stud just before this. They're silver

Garden furniture reduced to kindling

And my cute lil barbecue with a bit of a fire going

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