Saturday, June 11, 2022

Louis Tomlinson in Doncaster

Towards the end of April I went to see Louis Tomlinson in Doncaster with my friend Helen. We bought the tickets back in October 2019, but because of Covid we've had the gig rescheduled twice. We were both starting to think it would never happen! But it did, and in his hometown too which made for a marvellous gig. I had so much fun. 

Helen came to mine around 5.30 and we set off to Doncaster about six. We had some tea in Burger King and then Helen dropped me just outside Doncaster dome. I used to go in the holidays because it was a fiver to go ice skating in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. A fiver! What a bargain. I bet Louis used to do that too. We weren't sure about parking but fortunately Helen managed to park in the dome car park so caught up with me very quickly. We got inside quickly and a helpful member of staff found us the lift to go up to the balcony. 

We had missed the first support band but caught the second one, Only the Poets. They were pretty good! I hope they get signed. Louis played a blinding gig, it was so much fun and he sounded fab. We danced for a bit and sat down for a bit, which suited me fine. I knew I didn't have to drive home afterwards which helped! 

I'll definitely see him next time he's near! I know it's not my usual style of music but sometimes I just like a good pop song I can sing to!

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