Friday, June 24, 2022

Lunch Out with Laura

On the 3rd of May I went over to Huddersfield to my friend Laura's. She wanted to take me to the Blue Teapot in Mytholmroyd which is a vegetarian cafe. I left my car at hers and she drove us over. She's never driven me anywhere before so that was a treat!

As was the cafe! It's not huge and we hadn't booked but we got a table. The menu is pretty huge and I was quite overwhelmed because I could choose literally anything! So many things caught my eye, including the breakfasts and the halloumi burger, but I decided to go for something I wouldn't have at home and ordered the mezze platter. 

It had flatbread, fried mushrooms and aubergines, hummus, halloumi, tabbouleh, olives and falafel, and salad. It was so good! Laura had the mezze salad which was kind of similar. Then I went for the chocolate and rapsberry cake and Laura had coconut and raspberry cake. I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely want to go back soon!

I didn't get a picture of my outfit because Lee was on a video call so couldn't take one, and I was in pain so I wanted to go and lie down for a bit. I'm having a few gynaecological issues still and have been in some pain, but lying down helped. 

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