Monday, July 31, 2017

And finally... What I bought in France

This is the last post about my holiday, I swear! I like to spread things out in order to showcase each day and each outfit that I photographed, so it takes a while to get through everything. As I'm writing this in the middle of June I already know I've got a busy few weeks coming up, so god only knows when all my scheduled posts will stop. Oh well!

Anyway, here's what I bought while I was in France. We did well, actually, buying little other than food and drink. Oh and we also brought some chocolate home that we can't get here - like lime dark chocolate, and a bar with chocolate mousse in! I didn't take photos of those though.

One thing about me is that I love French soap like this. My mum usually buys some for me and this time was no different. One stall at Brantome market was selling five soaps for ten euros, so I got these and my mum got two for herself. Mine are cherry, verbena, and eucalyptus. They all smell so good.

I got this in a little jewellery shop in Angouleme. The owls had been reduced to one euro so were a bargain!

Here's what I bought in Sephora. I love shower gel so Lee's reasoning was to buy a little pot of each of them for a euro each rather than a big bottle of just one. The flavours are mango, cotton flower, monoi, cherry blossom, green tea, and lagoon. I also got this gorgeous highlighter which was pretty spendy but is so pretty, and this lilac nail polish as I don't have a Sephora nail polish.

I love Yves Rocher and always like to go in them when I see one. I bought this verbena shower gel (you can tell I like both verbena and shower gel, can't you?) and these five bath cubes which I'll take on holiday later in the year. These were all cheap, I think it was about eight euros for these.

I found this washi tape in a weird, British type of shop in Angouleme. It was one euro forty (I've no idea how to do a euro sign on a keyboard...) and is so cute

And finally, I bought myself a purse on Brantome market. I haven't had a new purse in ages and really liked this rainbow one. It was six euros, I think.

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