Monday, December 11, 2017

New bedside tables

In the middle of November Lee and I went Christmas shopping in Barnsley, to one of the retail parks. We wanted to go to th Range and Poundland, and while we were in the Range we looked for new bedside tables.

We were a bit constrained by both size and height. Our bedroom is an odd shape with not on flat wall. One has the door, one has the chimney breast, one has the window, and the other has the steps that lead up to the attic going through it. When we first lived here, we had a double bed on the chimney breast. I used my dressing table, in one of the alcoves, as my bedside table, and Lee used a freestanding table that used to fall over all the time. Then in 2008 we moved the bedroom around. We put the double bed under the stairs going to the attic, and we each had a glass bedside table that had a kind of shelf underneath. They were fine, even when we got a king sized bed about five years ago (six, maybe?). I turned my table around and it was still fine. Because the slope of the wall comes right down on my side to only about the height of the bed, the table needed to be small. It was fine.

Except, I'm pretty messy and I keep a whole ton of stuff near my bedside, including toiletries, medications, books, presents, all kinds of things. There were teetering piles under and near my table, and the cat kept climbing all over them too to try to sit under the table. So Lee and I started talking about getting some new tables with drawers, but obviously mine at least had to be only around two feet tall so that I would still have room for my lamp on top.

There were a few bathroom cupboards that could have worked for me in the Range, but I spotted this one and I really liked it. I like the hearts and the colour. Our bedroom is grey with silver, black, and white wallpaper so I knew it would match. We decided I would have the shorter, wider three drawer set and Lee would have the taller one which has four drawers. When we lifted down my one, it had a mark on top and they didn't have another. However, customer services knocked 20% off for us which was good. The mark isn't very visible and I'm pretty sure I'll manage to mark it myself before long!

We got home and sorted out the bedsides immediately. There was a lot of dust and rubbish around so we tidied up, moved the bed out to hoover it completely, and both put things in our drawers all tidily! I really love how they look and the bed feels cosier somehow? I'm just hoping we both manage to keep them tidy! I'm also glad there was room next to Lee's to keep his guitar too - it was the first one he ever owned and although it's old and knackered it has a lot of sentimental value!

My drawers. The cable extension doesn't fit down the side but it's okay and better than it was

The top of mine - can you see where the wall comes down on the top left of the photo? I've got my tablet, my current book, my lamp and the Hedwig my friend bought for me on there

And here's Lee's side with guitar!

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