Friday, December 8, 2017

The Easiest Recipe in the World

Lee and I have got in the habit of making some really nice food each weekend together. I'm a terrible cook and often don't know what I want to eat, but I've been making a real effort to choose some things. We made this chicken dish before, once, but not for years, and we've never made hasselback potatoes before.

I feel bad calling this a recipe post because it is SO simple. Seriously, it's the least amount of prep work ever but the pay off is huge. These dishes both really work and would impress loved ones!

Hasselback potatoes: cut through the potato in small slices almost to the bottom but not quite. Sprinkle with oil and lots of salt, and bake the potatoes in the oven for as long as you would cook a jacket potato for, making sure they don't burn at the top.

For the chicken, you need Boursin cheese and parma ham. Cut a slit into the chicken breast and stuff it with a generous amount of Boursin. Wrap the breast tightly in a couple of slices of parma ham. We didn't do this for Lee's as he doesn't eat ham, and it really makes no difference although you may need to spoon more sauce over the breast at the end. Bake for about forty minutes, until the chicken breast is cooked through. It makes its own sauce which is really yummy. I think you can use cream cheese too, but it wouldn't taste like a chicken kiev like this does - the garlic really comes through.

Seriously, easiest dishes ever! But oh so delicious!

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