Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Blanket for Lee

So way back in September I was reading one of my favourite crochet blogs and saw the author Sandra write about her new crochet-a-long, called A Spicier Life. I have seen some of the original Spice of Life blankets and want to make one, so I thought this crochet-a-long would be perfect for me. I decided to make Lee a blanket for Christmas. I looked at the yarn packs put together by Sandra and chose the Taj Mahal colour way. I think they're all gorgeous, but I thought Lee would like this one. The yarn arrived around the beginning of October.

I started in the first week of the crochet-a-long, round the 4th of October. I stitched my long starting chain, and put stitch markers in at every tenth interval. The pattern is in repeats of 12, so if I did it again I would maybe put the markers in at every twelfth stitch. There are so many different kinds of stitch which really stretched my skills, but the instructions are really clear and concise, and there's lots of photos to help you. I worked on it for quite a few hours every week, although I fell behind on the crochet-a-long, which finished around the end of November. I kept it totally secret from Lee, although he did know I was making *something*. This cut down on the time I could do it in, though, especially as the blanket grew bigger and less easy to hide.

I eventually finished the border on the 22nd of December, about an hour before Lee came home from work! The border was a hard slog as it was quite a difficult few stitches and I made a few mistakes which I had to keep pulling back. But I was so glad and so proud, and I knew Lee would love it.

And he did! He was really overcome. I calculated that there are over 22,000 stitches in it in total, so it is a real labour of love. It is now living on the couch to wrap up with when it's cold.

I've volunteered to make another one but in different colours for my mum's birthday next year, when she'll turn sixty. I need to start it soon!

I'm so proud of myself, usually when I start big projects it takes me ages to see them through, but I guess the deadline of Christmas spurred me on. I knew Lee would appreciate it, which is the main thing!

There is almost nothing I like more than squidgy balls of wall all ready to be used! The colours are all Stylecraft DK in, from the top: parma violet, parchment, gold, copper, saffron, peach, vintage peach, mocha, petrol, buttermilk, apricot, dark brown, sherbet, and storm blue. 

Here is the full thing when finished. It's almost five feet long!

A close up of the border and the bottom of the blanket. Yes it has a definite top and bottom and front and back, since some stitches only really work from one side. 

Draped artfully on a table

Here's Lee holding it up on Christmas Day. Aren't the colours just beautiful?

And here's Lee using it for its intended use!

If you'd like to make a blanket like this of your own, the information you need is right here!

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  1. That blanket is beautiful! So much work (& love) has gone in to it x