Saturday, December 16, 2017

Films of the Month - November

I watched 17 films in November which is just loopy, I'm not sure where I found the time! I went to the cinema twice, too, which was lovely. I really ought to make the time for it more. Here's what I saw:

I had never seen this adaptation of the book, and although I really like Sam Riley I didn't feel he was right for the part. He's too old for one thing. Still, it looks pretty

Sam said to Jacqui and I that we should see this with her before we went to see comedian Mae Martin later in the evening, she had already seen it and said it was great. And it IS. It's about a sheep farmer in Yorkshire who spends his evenings drinking too much and having sex with passing men, until Gheorghe, a Romanian migrant worker, arrives. The two of them start a relationship. The whole thing is gorgeous and it looks stunning. And it has a happy ending! Too often queer films don't have a happy ending so I think it's important to spoil it a bit and let you know that it does. Absolutely see this film if you can, it is gorgeous. 

Sam had mentioned she was seeing the live show of Cabaret which reminded me that I haven't seen the film in forever, so I watched it. I love it, Liza Minelli is just so good.

I dunno why Lee wanted to watch Scream but he did, so we did. It's one of the only slasher films I can watch. Drew Barrymore is so good

I had been meaning to watch this for ages and finally got round to it. I have to say I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. I felt not enough happened. 

This is a really good film and I'd recommend it! It's about the day and immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination, it focuses on the medical personnel who worked on him in the hospital, about the FBI agents who had to investigate, and about Zapruder, who videoed the now infamous footage of JFK being shot. It's really interesting. 

I love Mary Poppins, it's one of my feel good movies and I still love it

Since we'd watched the first one, we watched Scream 2. We will probably watch Scream 3 in December

I watched this for my online film club, it was nice to watch a Christmas film even though it was a bit early. Sarah Jessica Parker is good in this, as are Luke Wilson and Diane Keaton. It's pretty funny, my film club all liked it. 

This is again one of my favourite films, I think it's the best Disney film of recent years. I love Amy Adams in it. 

Lee and I put the Christmas tree up really early because Sam and Jacqui were coming the following weekend, but we felt it was too early to watch Die Hard so we compromised with this. It is so funny, I like it. 

Sam and Jacqui and I went to the cinema to see this. I liked it, but I didn't feel like Kenneth Branagh was right as Poirot, and I also didn't think there were enough shots of the train!

I also nearly saw a trailer for The Last Jedi which I'm avoiding, so I had to stick my fingers in my ears while it was on. I've gone into the last two Star Wars films without seeing the trailers so I'm not ruining it now! I don't want spoilers!

Sam and Jac and Lee and I watched this on Saturday night of our weekend, just chilling out

I hadn't seen the live action film of this so I watched it. Emma Watson was good, but I didn't love it overall. 

I spent the last week of November really ill so Lee and I watched this one afternoon while I curled up on the sofa and dozed. I missed part of it but I know it so well anyway

While browsing for something else on Netflix I realised I hadn't seen this in years so I watched it. I know practically every word of the beginning but I'd forgotten the ending!

And finally, Netflix recommended this to me after I'd watched Annie so I watched it. I LOVED the book as a kid, but the film changes quite a lot and lost a lot of the charm I felt. 

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