Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trip to the Turkish Baths

You may remember that my friend Sam and I went to the baths in Harrogate way back in January, well we decided to go again and booked tickets. We'd had to cancel a couple of times so it's now almost a year since our last visit. But it was still great!

We went to Betty's first for lunch. It was busy but not too packed, and the food was, as always, really lovely. We went into the baths and spent over three and a half happy hours getting hot in the hot rooms and cooling down in the plunge pool. At one point when I got out of the plunge pool I felt quite dizzy, so I laid down in the rest area for a while - I think I even fell asleep there. I read a couple of magazines and started on a new book. I had a lovely hot shower and we left by 5, again into the Wetherspoons next door.

I was wearing this Asos dress which is one of my favourites, and I bought some macarons from Betty's, as well as some sourdough bread for Lee. He really likes bread so I knew he'd appreciate it.

I hope Sam and I get to the baths again next year, it is lovely.

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