Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Tour Around My Jewellery

Recently Lee and I sorted out all my jewellery, matching up pairs of earrings, mending some things that were broken, and throwing out or donating some things that I didn't want any more. It took ages - we took it all up to the attic room and spent ages detangling necklaces and matching up stud earrings. I have a lot of jewellery. A lot of it is costume, but I do also have some very nice bits that I've been bought over the years. My mum loves jewellery too; I get it from her.

For ages I had a noticeboard with pins stuck in from which I hung necklaces, but this had stopped working for me as things fell off a lot. Then Lee bought me one of those jewellery or shoe hangers and I've had that for ages, on the wall next to the bed. But that wasn't really working out either, and honestly, I just wanted everything sorted out.

So once we'd sorted everything out I bought a few things. I have a gorgeous lilac leather jewellery box that my mum bought me from House of Fraser about ten years ago, so I obviously wasn't going to get rid of that, but it also doesn't fit much in it, so I needed something bigger. I've seen those jewellery armoires before, so ended up ordering one off eBay for the bargain price of £41. They have lots of different combinations of insides, but this one worked best for me. It arrived flat packed but it was really easy for Lee and I to put together. The front of it is a full length mirror, which I don't have, so that's nice and useful, with diamantes round the edge which is a nice touch.

I also ordered a couple of black plastic stud holders from eBay for a few quid each. Once everything arrived Lee and I spent quite some time putting everything in the right place. I have a system - my "best", most precious pieces are in the leather box, and everything else is in other places. I came across loads of jewellery that I'd forgotten I owned and it's been nice wearing stuff I haven't worn in ages. We were also "helped" by Ivy who enjoyed playing with necklaces that were dangling in front of her!

I thought I'd take some photos - it turned out to be quite a lot but I think they explain better than I can in words!

First of all here's some new jewellery that I got on holiday, in Florence, on the Ponte Vecchio. I've got lots of upcoming posts about my holiday, but I've been battling a horrible dental abscess and haven't got round to writing them up yet. My mum bought me the knot earrings and the Fleur de Lys, and I bought myself the Tree of Life. I love buying jewellery on holiday because it adds to the memories I think.

The inside of the armoire as a whole. It fits really nicely into this gap next to a chest of drawers.

The very top is for rings, which I didn't realise at first. So in here I've got more costume rings. The dots at the bottom left are nose studs I haven't worn yet

The main necklaces, this is for longer necklaces. There's some silver here among the costume stuff

Little shelves underneath the necklaces where I've put pendants that have no chain, and cards of earrings

On the left, here are all my dangly earrings (I can't say 'dangly earrings' without immediately going into a Victoria Wood impression - "have you seen me friend, Kimberley?"). I love dangly earrings but don't wear them often enough. Lots here are ones that I've made or that others have made for me

Under the dangly earrings are these two lots of costume necklaces. I love so many of these fun necklaces, especially my Hello Kitty ones!

Over on the other side of the room is the rest of my jewellery. These are all pins, they don't fit perfectly into this tray but I already had it so decided it would do!

One of my two earring holders - these are the more 'fun' earrings. Don't they look like I raided Claire's Accessories?!

This is the other earring holder, with some more precious earrings in the top. Some of these are sole earrings, too. When I was a teenager I used to wear six odd earrings at once, and although I don't usually do that anymore I can't bear to get rid of some of these! 

My bracelets all live on a kitchen roll holder, it's really useful for them! The only bracelets that don't are my charm ones, which live in a dish along with charms I have.

This is my gorgeous jewellery box, and these are my more precious rings, including the claddagh ring Lee bought me for my birthday and many others

One drawer of the box. Those pearls mean an awful lot to me - they were given to me by my uncle when I was a bridesmaid for him in 1989! I had them made a bit longer a few years ago so I could still wear them.

Here's my precious earrings and pendants, including a ruby elephant that my mum brought back from India in 1996. I love it. The two bracelets on the right are two I love a lot, too. I bought the amethyst one when I was 18 with the first paycheck I got from my first 'proper' job!

So there you go, just a quick look through some of my jewellery!

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