Monday, October 15, 2018

Afternoon in a Hot Tub

At the beginning of September Laura, aka Lolly Likes, invited us over to her house to use her hot tub. She and her partner bought one second hand a few weeks ago and have got it all set up in their garden. She invited me and Lee and Bettie and Jen over on Saturday afternoon and as it turned out it was a really sunny day, but it actually wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't because the hot tub is really warm and it's in a gazebo so wouldn't be freezing.

We all took some snacks and ate them first before going outside. Jen isn't a fan of hot tubs so she just sat and chatted to us. Laura's little boy was wandering around, playing with his ball and on his slide; he's such a little sweetie and always wants to chat. Bettie and Lee and I got straight into the hot tub and Laura joined us later. We had some drinks and food and generally just lazed around. The tub has bubbles and is really hot! I liked it a lot.

I'd packed my swimming costume but at the last moment decided to pack a bikini instead. Well, kind of. I have this bra bikini top that I got ages ago but don't often wear. It's from Elomi in a 40HH and it's SO comfortable. Much more comfortable than any of the bras I own, for sure. Plus it's underwired. My bottoms are from Marks and Spencer and are from the men's department. They're quite comfortable. I wouldn't wear this outfit to swim in general, but when in the privacy of a friend's home then for sure I will!

It was such a lovely afternoon with lovely people!

The tub!

Bettie and Lee, Bettie's costume is really nice!

My hair when damp goes curly

Laura took this, thanks for letting me steal it

And thanks for letting us use your hot tub!

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