Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Films of the Month - August

I watched loads of films in August, which was helped by the fact that Lee and I were away and made time to watch films. But I watched a lot by myself too, including ten I'd never seen before.

Here's what I watched:

I'd never seen the Basketball Diaries and I really liked it, it's dark and depressing but Leo is great

I'd never seen Shakespeare in Love, I know right, like was I even a teenager in the 90s? In my defence I was very busy listening to the Manics and watching Trainspotting. I didn't much rate this, but I'm glad I watched it

I'd heard mixed reviews about the Death of Stalin but I quite liked it, but then I like Armando Ianucci's stuff. Jason Isaacs was the best thing about it, but it was all pretty good

I know it was August but I hadn't seen this sequel so I thought why not. It was a cold and cosy kind of day anyway. I liked it, all the main actors were great, Susan Sarandon was probably my favourite though

I've seen Four Lions before but not for years, it is really funny.

I saw about this film on Twitter because the filmmakers have released it for free on their website in the hopes that people will review it on IMDB. Well you know I like a Yorkshire yarn so I watched it, and I really liked it. It's got a lot of typically Yorkshire stuff going on, and it's very moving and it looks beautiful. Check it out for yourself!

All of book Twitter was going mad over this Netflix adaptation of Jenny Han's book, so I watched it on the day it came out. I haven't read the book but I LOVED the film. I thought it was cute and sweet and it looks gorgeous. Also John Corbett! Definitely check this out if you like YA fiction

Lee and I watched this while we were in Wales, I still really love it. Kate McKinnon is my favourite

I wanted to watch this so we watched it in Wales. It's odd? Winona is obviously great but everything else about it is odd

I also wanted to watch Road House because I've never seen it. It's okay. Patrick Swayze was a bit of a dish though

Lee swears he'd never seen Lilo and Stitch before but I know I had so I think he might have. He liked it anyway

I saw this fan documentary about Bruce Springsteen while scrolling Netflix and thought I'd check it out because I love him. It's very cute, there's lots of interesting stories about Bruce and how much people love him. I really liked it, but I'm not sure non-fans would?

Someone was talking about Set It Up on Twitter, so I watched it one afternoon. I liked it, the main characters are so-so but I really liked Lucy Liu's character. It was a cute romantic comedy

Finally, on the last day of the month, I watched The Italian Job, one of my very favourite comfort films. I hadn't watched it in ages!

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