Friday, October 12, 2018

Bottomless Brunch in York

At the end of the summer I had a trip to York to see my friends Sam and Jac. Jacqui lives in York so we often go to hers to hang out. It was ten years since Jac and I met in person so we wanted to do something to celebrate that. Sam suggested going out for bottomless brunch so we booked a table at All Bar One for 1pm.

It is £25 each and I would say it's definitely worth that. We were shown to our table and given the main menu as well as the bottomless brunch menu. There are about six choices for brunch; Sam and Jac both went for the steak sandwich and I went for eggs royale and added some chips. Then you can choose from either a glass of prosecco, a Bloody Mary, or a mimosa. We all went for mimosas which are champagne mixed with orange juice.

The food came quickly and was really delicious. The drinks were good, and while I didn't feel like the waiters were hovering over us, they were pretty quick to notice our glasses were empty and offer another. You can change which drink you have, which is good, and which I might do if I went again, but we all stuck with mimosas as they were yummy. You get two hours from the time you order food to drink for free, which is a really generous time slot. We had dessert too and about ten minutes before the end of our time slot a waiter came and told us that, and asked if we'd like one last drink. I think it was done really well in a busy restaurant, I was pretty impressed.

After we'd eaten we walked to the Minster yard, because there was a temporary bar there that Jac wanted us to see. It was Thor's tipi and while there's outside space it was raining so we headed inside where it's really cosy. There are boxes and benches all over to sit on, and a real fire in the middle to keep it warm! We sat on the edge and had some wine, but then a bench came free round the fire so we moved there for a bit to appreciate the heat. It was a cute little bar, I'm glad we went!

After that we went back to Jacqui's and spent the evening watching rubbish on TV and chatting, it was lovely and just what I needed - I haven't laughed that much in ages

I wore my Simply Be lemon dress and green cardigan which came from Peacocks. I rarely wear this dress as it's very loud and I have to be in the right mood for it, but it seemed perfect for the day and certainly cheered me up in the rain.

Eggs Royale

The Minster in the rain. I went to university in York so it's a place that's very special to me

Inside the tipi

The fire

Selfie of the three of us

And finally my lemon dress!

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