Friday, October 5, 2018

What I Wore August 20th

I haven't worn this outfit in ages, but as we were packing to go away I thought I'd put it in the case. I put it on on the Monday to wander round Llanidloes. The skirt is quite thick but the top isn't, so I was just about right temperature wise.

The skirt is from Asos and I bought it years ago. It's scuba like material with a nice sheen and a nice texture. I love the flowers so much. I'm honestly not sure why I don't wear this skirt more because I really like it!

I got the top from New Look, it's a very light material and I love the sheer sleeves on it. I also love that it matches the skirt perfectly!

I think I'm definitely going to take this on holiday with me in September

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