Friday, November 9, 2018

Mediterranean Cruise - Day 4

The Wednesday of our cruise saw us docked in Civitavecchia, which is the port closest to Rome, if you wanted to go to Rome. Again lots of passengers had got off leaving the boat quite empty! I quite liked it when it felt like just ours to roam around.

We had breakfast, then my mum, Lee, and I got off the boat to see a bit of Civitavecchia (chee-vee-ta-vek-ee-uh). There was a shuttle bus from the boat to the edge of the port, because it was two miles! Civitavecchia was a really industrial port, which was interesting to look at but not very pretty. At the edge of the port was Michaelangelo's Fort, which has been regenerated and is really pretty and has a moat! We liked that.

We crossed the border (a metal gate with no one on it) and walked just a couple of streets into the town. Civitavecchia is famous for gelato, so we found a restaurant right on the seafront and had ice creams and a drink each. It was lovely! I had lemon sorbet and chocolate ice cream. We bought a couple of souvenirs and wandered over to the beach bit. We went into a church, which was really beautiful inside (I'm not that familiar with Catholic churches, having been raised Methodist)

Then we got back on the boat and went swimming again. It had rained while we were getting changed and we had to dry the sunloungers, but not to worry! The sun did come out and it was warm enough to swim anyhow.

The evening we went to the very back of the ship to watch us leaving port and to watch the sunset. Lee and I hadn't had chance to do this as the night before we were in the theatre. The back of the sun deck was adults only and had its own pool and hot tub, but given the time of year there weren't tons of kids on our ship anyway. But it was nice to go to that bar. We went to Taste again for dinner and sat under the magnificent light, which was lovely.

It was, in all, a really nice and relaxed day.

Photo heavy! Sorry!

I took this at breakfast, I felt so happy and was also trying to show how few people there were on board

Lee and I outside the fort

It was warm, and muggy, but overcast, so Lee cooled his feet down

I rarely drink caffeine, but ice cold caffeine coke in the sun is my idea of heaven!

Back in the pool again. I think this was the day a woman told me she liked my tattoos, especially the cat one! 

It was so wet on deck

I had a lovely glass of prosecco, and when Lee explained that he didn't drink alcohol the waiter conjured up this strawberry slush! It was yummy

In the adults only bar

I made everyone take selfies

Dog? Rabbit? Rabid dog?

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