Thursday, November 29, 2018

What I Wore October 6th

I managed to get a dental abscess just after we got back off holiday so had to lay low for a couple of weeks feeling very sorry for myself. I got two courses of antibiotics, but it took a long time to heal completely. I hate the dentist and anything to do with teeth, so I'll have to get over that to get the tooth sorted.

Anyway, Lee looked after me while I was really ill, bless him. He's a good nursemaid. He even worked from home one afternoon so I didn't have to be by myself.

Once I finally felt a bit better, we decided to go out for lunch. We went to the Cask and Spindle in Shepley, which is a very traditional pub serving yummy homemade food. We hadn't been in ages. Lee really likes it there but I have to be in the mood. It was nice food as usual.

Afterwards we went into Huddersfield to look at new dining tables, such a rock and roll life. We bought one, and a new sofa too! We're just waiting on delivery dates although I'm assured it'll be before Christmas.

Anyway this is what I wore. You've seen this t-shirt a million times recently, but it's so comfortable! And I wore this skirt my mum made for me, isn't it lovely? You can't see the top but it's just a thick elastic waistband left bare which is nice if I want to tuck the t-shirt in. I love wearing handmade clothes because you know no one else will be wearing the same thing!

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