Friday, November 2, 2018

What I Wore September 17th

A couple of weeks before our holiday Lee and I went into Barnsley one Saturday morning because I wanted to get some new leggings and I knew Yours would have some for cheaps. Barnsley town centre is, like most town centres, a bit of a bedraggled state these days, but the shopping centre is alright. We went to Yours and I actually got three new pairs of leggings - one long pair, and two short pairs, one of which has lace around the bottom. They're really stretchy and comfortable, so for £9 each I was pleased. It's these leggings you'll have seen in recent photos as I've got rid of old ones.

While we were in Yours I picked up a few other things that were in the sale. I got this dress, which had been reduced to £18 something and then had a further 20% off, and I picked up some shorts which were about £10 with the further discount. Then I needed a t-shirt to go with the shorts, and I also found a top to go with a skirt that my mum had just made me. I'll show both these outfits soon because I wore them both on holiday, but anyway I bought two tops, some shorts, and this dress, all for £47. Bargain!

When I tried it on I thought it might feel too clingy on my stomach but actually the fabric is quite heavy so it doesn't. I think it drapes really nicely. It fitted me on the boobs but I did pack a safety pin just in case, because different bras can make things look different. It's a gorgeous dress with a gorgeous pattern and I felt it was just right for the cruise for dinner one night. I don't usually wear long dresses but it did mean I didn't have to put leggings on underneath.

Lee was wearing chinos from Marks and Spencer and a plain black t-shirt; he does scrub up well although I like him when he's being all casual too.

My mum made her dress I do believe

Sitting by the pool. I took a walking stick on holiday; I have to use it when I know I'll be walking a long way as I get a lot of pain in my hypermobile hip. It was actually really good in the airport because I got to go through the shorter lines, and really useful on board ship where you walk a LONG way. 

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