Thursday, November 15, 2018

What I Wore September 20th

After we got back from Florence, we had a bit of a rest and then went back on deck to watch us sail out of Livorno and to watch the sunset. We had a gorgeous view of the sun sinking into the sea, which I've always wanted to watch and never quite got around to, and even though this wasn't perfect it was a pretty good approximation of what I wanted! I was happy it was so gorgeous.

Lee and I had booked a table in one of the restaurants that weren't free, one where we had to pay a cover charge. It was only $25 dollars each, so it was fine. We chose to go to the Brazilian barbecue restaurant so we headed down there about 8pm. We'd booked a table but we needn't have worried as it wasn't busy. I honestly don't know where most people ate on the boat, I guess Taste was usually busy but not packed. I'd love to see a graph of passenger activity on board a cruise ship, it would be fascinating!

I had a really delicious strawberry daiquiri and the food was gorgeous. There was a huge salad bar, I could have had a whole meal just from the salad bar to be honest! Then waiters kept bringing around skewers of meat. There was pork loin and filet mignon and other kinds of beef. Lee only eats chicken so as soon as he told a waiter that they brought out chicken cubes and drumsticks immediately for him, which was really good. I enjoyed the experience and the food!

Afterwards we went back up on the sun deck to meet my mum and stepdad; they'd eaten out there. It was a really tiring day but I'd enjoyed it. I wore this Asos lace dress which is really nice for a holiday, it's light and airy and looks really nice.

The pilot boat to help us get out of the dock, we liked to watch the member of staff jump on and off the ship every day

The docks

The pilot boat going out in front of us

A camera can never quite capture the colours of a sunset, can it?

Me and my mum 

Just dipped into the sea

A ship next to us in the harbour

This photo was off my phone, you can see the colours slightly differently here

Strawberry daiquiri and a real actual glass (all the glasses outside were plastic)

My dress

The pool area late on

A crab. I think?

In the restaurant a man came and took our photo and brought it back only a short amount of time later with the option to buy it. I was of the opinion that I wouldn't, that it's all just a way to make money, blah blah blah, but then the photo was so nice that we decided to buy it!

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