Monday, November 19, 2018

What I Wore September 21st

I did something on holiday I've not done in about 15 years - I wore shorts! Gosh. When Lee and I went into Barnsley for me to buy leggings in Yours, I spied these shorts on the sale rack for about £12. I loved the pattern, but I wasn't sure if they'd fit me. I took them into the changing rooms anyway, and was pleasantly surprised that they fitted and came a decent way up to my waist so that I didn't feel like they were going to fall or roll down.

I decided to buy them, and then I couldn't think of a top that I had that would match, so I bought this navy blue top too. I wore it a couple of times on holiday, twice with these shorts and once with a blue Scarlett & Jo skirt, so it's definitely versatile. It's basic, but wasn't expensive. I actually think Yours does really good basic tops well, they wash well and come in a range of colours, so for the money they're definitely worth it.

I felt a bit self conscious in the shorts to begin with, but it was warm so I decided to just wear them anyway. I'll wear them again on holiday for sure!

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