Thursday, January 3, 2019

What I Wore November 16th

I went to Meadowhall on November 16th to meet up for lunch with Laura (Lolly Likes) and Chloe. I've seen both of them recently, but they hadn't seen each other in possibly a few years, so we'd decided to meet up for lunch at Pizza Express.

When I got there Laura was already there and Chloe was close behind me. We chatted for ages and had really nice food. I had a pizza and a cappucino maybe? I can't exactly remember now. I love these two people so much - they raise me up and make me feel valuable and worthy. I'm so glad we're friends.

Afterwards I went to the gym to go swimming with my mum, which was lovely.

I was wearing this black top (from Yours, I think), and this handmade skirt. My mum made it for me several years ago; it's made from sari material and I love the colour and the embroidery on it. It's a bit different for me, but I really should wear it more!

Me and Laura - aren't her glasses fab?

Lovely Chloe

My outfit - you can't see the pattern but the embroidery is little dharma wheels!

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