Sunday, February 24, 2019

Trip to Hornsea

The first weekend of the year saw Lee and I head to the coast for the day. I had that feeling of needing to blow the cobwebs away, I often get it at the beginning of the year after the Christmas period. So I decided we'd go to Hornsea. We've never been and I knew it would be windswept and desolate, and it was - perfect!

We drove over and arrived about lunchtime so looked for somewhere to eat. We happened upon a cafe - a proper greasy spoon - that was doing vegetarian breakfasts, so we went in there. It was fab, we also had chips which were old style chip pan one, they were great!

After brunch we wandered for a bit on the seafront, and went in a couple of arcades. Then we headed inland and went into a couple of shops. Then we drove up to Withernsea, where we have been but not like like nearly two decades. We stood on the seafront for a bit then got ice creams and ate them before setting off back home. It was a lovely few hours out of the house and just what I needed.

Hornsea beach

Lee and I 

Further up the beach

I liked this so much I made it my profile picture on Facebook

The very Eastern end of the Trans Penning trail!


I love old posters like these, I often take photos of them

I think in the summer you could use this to wash sand off your feet/shoes


Withernsea lighthouse

And finally ice creams. Ridiculous in five degrees!

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