Sunday, February 3, 2019

What I Wore December 23rd

Two days before Christmas Lee and I made our annual trip to Durham to see Lee's family. We had arranged to go out with all his immediate family - two of his three brothers, two sisters, his mam and stepdad, dad and stepmam, and all the siblings' families and so on. I think there were twenty of us all together! Oh yes our friend Paul came too, we usually invite him as he's just part of the family now. We had lunch in a pub near the city centre, it was okay, the pudding was a disappointment for me. But never mind, it was nice to see everyone.

Afterwards we went back to Lee's mam's house and swapped presents with her, Lee's stepdad, and one of his brothers. Lee's mam had bought me my Leuchtterm notebook that I mentioned in my last post, and another diary that I'm using as my datebook. We bought Lee's stepdad an 80s quiz game so we played that, which was fun.

We went to Lee's dad's to see him for a bit before bed.

I actually remembered to take some make up with me so I put some on just before we went to the pub. Did I say I discovered a bunch of lipsticks from Models Own that I'd forgotten about? This red one is one of them - it's a matte one with a wand so really easy to apply. I used a lipliner too because it really helps to keep lipstick in place. This stuff is weird - it tastes and smells minty! It looks good though, right?

I wore this Scarlett & Jo skirt which always looks great and which is warm enough for the winter. On our way out of the door in the morning I plucked this gorgeous raspberry jumper out of the drawer. It's from Joe Browns and I love it, it's a bit weird but I'm glad I've pulled it out again.

I kept my eyes really simple with just a bit of gold eyeshadow, to show off the lips more

You can argue that the raspberry jumper doesn't go with the blues and greens of the skirt but.... I don't care

Navy t-shirt on top!

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