Sunday, February 17, 2019

What I Wore New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we went to my mum's for the evening, just the four of us. We had curry and played some games and then watched Jools Holland in time for the midnight countdown. It was chilled out but really nice.

I pulled this dress out of the wardrobe, it's really old Scarlett & Jo although I'm not sure I've worn it before. I think I got it from Laura? I'm not sure! It's a tad on the small size for me I think, but it looks fine so I just wore it anyway.

I also, once again, put some make up on. I realised this lipstick matched the dress perfectly so I kept my eyes simple and put lots of layers of this on. It's yet again a Models Own one, one of the minty ones in a tube with a wand applicator. I love it.

Before we went out, trying to get a decent picture of the lipstick but I ended up looking so moody!

The dress, it has chiffon sleeves and a waist belt. I think I have the same style in grey with white spots.

Sitting at my mum's later in the evening

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