Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What I Wore December 24th

On Christmas Eve we were still in Durham. Lee's mam made hot beef sandwiches and we gave the kids their Christmas presents and stuff. I always love these days before Christmas in Durham, they're so busy and full of people.

I took this picture of Lee and his brothers, it's not often they're all in the same place so I snapped a picture. Unfortunately Andrew has his eyes closed...!

Debz had reminded me that I own this pink skirt from H&M. It's similar to the Sprinkle of Glitter one, but is plain, and pinker. I decided to pair it with this top from Yours that I bought recently, I've posted it before.I liked this outfit, I thought it was very festive. I took this photo when we got back home. My mum and stepdad were at ours for Christmas so they arrived about 6pm and we all had tea together.

My stepdad struggles with stairs so we said my mum and he could have our bedroom and we would sleep upstairs in the attic. Ivy was very confused! She slept on my head and woke us up at 5am because she was cold, so we put the space heater on. Do you like my festive bedding?

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