Monday, March 18, 2019

Meal Out February 10th

On Sunday the 10th of February Lee and I went out for tea with my mum and stepdad. It wasn't for any particular reason and actually that was really nice. It's nice to do things just for the sake of it at times.

We went to a pub near my mum's house, so we picked them up on the way. We were a bit early so got a drink in the bar before going to our table. My mum had a gin spritz which was really nice, and I don't even really like gin. I would get one next time!

I had garlic mushrooms and then tried a nut roast for the first time. It came with all the Sunday dinner trimmings which was really nice. It was quite sweet but very tasty, I will definitely eat one again. I'm finding being vegetarian really easy, so I'm going to carry on with it until that changes or until I really want to eat some meat! We'll see! For dessert I had a chocolate orange torte and a coffee. It was a really lovely evening out for the four of us.

I was wearing this skirt, which used to be a long flowy top. I cut the straps off, sewed a waistband, and threaded some elastic through. It is a little bit short at the sides, but I think it looks fine, and I really like it. I've got another top to do this to... must get around to that soon! I've inherited my grandma's sewing machine and am determined to get good at using it!

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