Saturday, March 2, 2019

A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

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I'm sure you can't have missed bullet journalling becoming really huge in the past couple of years. I too saw people creating really beautiful spreads and daily task lists on Instagram, and loved them but knew I couldn't produce something as beautiful.

But I am a notekeeper, a list maker, a journaller. I used to keep paper journals obsessively, writing every day and sticking all kinds of everything into them until they would barely shut. I have a big stash of scrap booking stuff left over from those days. I stopped journalling when I started blogging - this is my journal and is how I remember what I've done/where I've been, for the most part. But I still kept lists, of books I've read, films I've watched. So I knew a bullet journal type of book would work for me.

I tried to use one of the many notebooks I've got, but that didn't take, so last May I bought a dotted Leuchtterm in a gorgeous teal/turquoise colour. I started with lists but then I found I was sticking ephemera in too and writing about places I'd been, so I just embraced it. I don't work every day so I don't need a daily to do list like the original method advocates, so I just started writing lists and things I wanted to keep track of. I love the index feature in the front of the book, I can't tell you how many times a day I flick to that. I didn't use all of the teal notebook before Christmas, but I wanted a new book for 2019.

I've spent a lot of January setting up new trackers and getting my stationery sorted out. Lee bought me a bunch of pens for Christmas which are perfect, and Jeni brought me some new washi tape and pens when she visited in November, and I also bought a bunch of planner stickers off eBay on New Year's Eve. I've been using it for a month and thought I would share some photos even though it'll be quite a bit later by the time you read this. I'll try and do an update later in the year!

Pens! Gosh don't you love pens? I do. I've got a mixture here of Bic fineliners, some Chinese fineliners, some Pilot Frixion pens Jeni brought me and a biro. Oh and a mini ruler which I find really helpful!

My highlighter pens, also Pilot Frixion ones. I love the pastel colours of these, I use them at work as well, they travel around in my everyday pencil case whereas the other ones don't.

My Leuchtterm, I'm liking the grey.

Inside the front cover, here's a bunch of stickers. The Girls Just Wanna... one was in my diary last year so I cut it out of there and stuck it in here. Quite a few of these stickers were gifts.

The all important index.

I saw some bullet journal bloggers do this, so I did it for myself: chose words for 2019. 

Theatre and cinema tracker and my cross stitch tracker - there's a crochet one just over the page. You can see I used a Smash book cut out on this page

Letters sent and received, using old stamps (I have tons of old stamps) and a card topper on the left there.

A to do list of the stuff behind my desk (it's such a mess) and of some TV I want to watch.

Journalling about the cat, this is a scrapbook page but the cat in the picture looks just like ours!

At the back of the book I have several pages given over to books read, and also a page this year of the library books I've got. As always you can read my book reviews here

Happy Planner brand stickers, some of them are a bit cheesy but I like them anyway

Scrapbooking stuff, stickers, and post it notes

The Pilot Frixion pens are soooo nice to write with

Washi tape! I have so many but I love them all, these are the ones Jeni brought.

This is all the lovely gifts Jeni brought me, I love the pencil case, I'm using that for the pens above!

Do you keep a bullet journal? Do you have any questions?

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