Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trip to Bradford/What I Wore February 11th

My mum and I headed to Bradford in February to buy material for my vow renewal dress, which my mum is making for me. We have always gone to Bombay Stores for stuff like this, so we headed there after my craft club one Monday. We went to the cafe next to Bombay Stores for something to eat. It hasn't always been there, and when it first appeared the two businesses were linked and it was tiny, but it's now got a separate entrance and has quite a few tables.

I had chosen a paneer dosa when my mum asked if she would like it too - she tends to stick to things she knows she likes unless there's someone to reassure her. I explained that it's curry in a crispy and delicious pancake, so I thought she would probably like it. So she ordered a chicken one. When they came they were so good - hot, crispy, with delicious curry inside. My mum liked it and said she would have it again!

We went into Bombay Stores but the quality of the place has dipped since I was last there. It looks a bit like a jumble sale inside, with a lot less material than it used to have. It has more ready made things. We liked a few things, but nothing that really wowed me. And I want to be wowed! I want it to be a really special dress. I'm disappointed that Bombay Stores has gone the way it has.

We looked at a couple more shops and came across a bunch of nice satins in a small shop near Bombay Stores. I chose some there, but I'm still on the look out for some lace for the bodice and sleeves. We're going to Dewsbury soon to look!

It was late by the time we got home, it had taken hours! But it was fun. I was wearing this Asos dress that I've had forever, it's really easy to wear and was perfect for the weather.

I had this really amazing mango lassi

Paneer dosa! That green chutney was the spiciest thing EVER!

The material we did buy...

My green and white dress, and isn't my hair getting long?!

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