Monday, March 25, 2019

What I Wore February 23rd

I had a busy day on February the 23rd. It started with a trip to Dewsbury with my mum because we were still looking for fabric for my vow renewal dress - we'd bought most of it in Bradford but wanted something for an overlay on the bodice, so went to Fabworks in Dewsbury. They didn't have what we wanted, but they told us another place to try, which we did. We did buy netting in Fabworks, which I can't wait to show you - it's going to look AMAZING!

We found some organza and then tried yet another place just round the corner. Then we went into a craft shop and looked at the wool and had a hot drink in there. The dress is going to look perfect and I can't wait.

We then headed to Wakefield because my mum was after a new phone and needed help. It took ages and I was slightly late to meet my friend Katie in Qubana, but her mum was with her so they'd got a drink. It's over six months since I saw Katie I think, lots has happened since then so we had lots to catch up on.

We ended up sitting outside on the terrace, and it was warm enough but there were heaters too. I had two veggie tapas and some patatas aioli (that's a hard word to spell) and then a brownie. We had several drinks - I had a nice glass of rose prosecco which I would drink again.

Sheryl joined us after she finished work which was really nice, I like to see her too. Lee picked me up about 6.30! It was busy but a really lovely day and the bright sunshine felt so lovely.

Me and Sheryl and Katie on the terrace

I was wearing this Sprinkle of Glitter outfit - I've posted both pieces before although I'm not sure if I've ever worn them together or not 

And here was my very appropriate pin badge!

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