Saturday, March 23, 2019

Trip to Slatterys - Again!

On Valentine's Day I woke up, was utterly spoilt with presents from Lee, including yellow tulips, creme eggs, a mug and some scrapbooking supplies. I bought him a copy of The Pogues' Rum, Sodomy and the Lash album on vinyl, so he was happy too.

Anyway then I had a shower and headed over to Manchester to meet Amy. She's one of my oldest friends, we met at 6th form way back in 2000, and she's about thirty-seven weeks pregnant as I write this! She'd just finished work so asked if I wanted to meet up at Slatterys. She's the one who first took me there, years ago. I hadn't been in ages but now I've been three times in the past four months... Not that I'm complaining as it's excellent!

We met at twelve and got seated. We decided to share the vegetarian platter. I had a hot chocolate and it arrived with little chocolate hearts instead of the discs you usually get! The platter was delicious - it had falafel and cheese and pink hummus and came with bread and crackers. I would recommend it!

I went for the Belgian waffles which I've not had before, they were really good so I would have them again. I had more hot chocolate, I wish I could make it like this because it's so, so good. Amy had a chocolate milkshake. The Belgian waffles came with a little cup of melted chocolate as you can see, which is also amazing.

I bought Lee some discs in the shop and some cheese straws for me. We didn't leave until nearly 3pm because we were busy chatting. I love Amy to bits and can't wait to meet baby Daisy. I do of course have something handmade in the works for her which I'll share when I've passed it over!

Look at these cute little heart chocolates

The platter! It was so good! I had to have Amy's Brie, how tragic. 

Bread and crackers too 

Belgian waffles with banana and melted chocolate

It was about 4pm just as I was coming back into Barnsley over the moors, and they looked stunning in the sunshine! Spring is coming!

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