Monday, March 4, 2019

What I Wore on My Birthday

I couldn't decide what to wear on my birthday because I wanted something a bit special but didn't have anything new (I know! And me a blogger, too), so I thought about it and decided on this Scarlett & Jo dress. I haven't worn it in forever, but wearing it again I'm not sure why because it's lovely on and feels great.

It has a couple of layers which help it to poof out. I find the top shows my bra so I pin it closed with a couple of safety pins and it looks fine. I love the gros grain ribbon around the middle, and I of course love the pattern. I put it with my Claire Richards cardigan which I love but again don't wear often as it's long sleeved and quite thick. It's very cute, though. The press studs have little bows on them.

I wore pink jewellery including this necklace which is a pink apple with a glittery leaf on it, I'll have to try to remember to take a photo close up because it's very kitsch and I love it.

Sorry for the dimness of this picture, the kitchen lighting isn't ideal but it was last thing at night by the time I remembered to get a photo!

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