Friday, August 30, 2019

Weekend in Derbyshire - Part Two

I woke up really early in our tent on the Sunday. It had stopped raining thankfully, but we still had to take our tent down wet, which was annoying. We ended up taking it to my mum's to dry out in her garage. We went back to the cottages. They were these ones at Far Ditch Farm in Chelmorton and I would utterly recommend them for a break. You can hire them all or just one or two. They're really well equipped and have been recently done. There's tons of bathrooms and they're nice and quiet. Definitely recommend!

Some people had already left, and through the day more and more people left. By the end there was me and Lee, Amy and Mike, and Ste. We made sure everything was clean and in the right place before leaving. 

Before that though we did some zine making. Amy had asked me to take supplies and then we decided to make a collaborative zine with everyone making one page. We also drew round the hands and feet of each of the kids which will be great to look back in years to come when they're much bigger! 

We ate leftover chilli for lunch which was nice too. It was a cheerful day and I was so happy to spend such lovely time with Amy and everyone else. 

Here's my Monday photos:

I was extremely feeling the effects of the night before

Gorgeous Eve and her equally gorgeous mum Lizzie

The date on these is wrong, the top one should say 2010, but aren't they cute? Gru had made enough for everyone and we coloured them in

Bubble machine!

Daisy seemed to like the bubbles

Mike eating alllll the cake!

Ste is usually in charge of keeping the fire going while we're camping, so he made this page for the zine

Amy's organisational skills are exceptional, we all mocked her for this folder she had made and everything in it, but it did keep everything running smoothly.

And finally here's Bryn and Daisy chatting to each other :)

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