Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day Out in Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge

The day you'll read this will be the twelfth anniversary of my dad's death. I honestly don't think there's a day that has passed when I haven't thought about him. The grief doesn't hurt like it used to, but I do still get very upset occasionally and wish he was still here to live life with us. I'm not sure what I'll do to mark the occasion this year, but I wanted to write it down here.

Anyway, in the middle of March Lee and I went out for the day and met Sam. It was right at the beginning of the Covid 19 scare, when it properly started to hit and people weren't sure what to do. We did go out, but we didn't do much going out in the days after, that's for sure. I hope by the time you read this, all of that will be over with and it won't have been as scary as people thought it might be. I'm not convinced, though!

So Lee and I set out to Sowerby Bridge about 11am. Ever since I went to Temujin in October with Sam and Jac, I've been wanting to take Lee as I knew he'd love it. So we arranged to meet in Sowerby Bridge and once there we mooched around the market for a bit. Then we decided to head up to Hebden Bridge. It was quite busy up there, like it usually is. We parked and walked over the packhorse bridge. We had a coffee and a cake each in a nice little cafe, which was well needed. We went into a few shops and then round the market. I bought a couple of little things but nothing huge. I would have bought a planter but the stall selling them wasn't there! Maybe next time. Lee didn't think he'd ever been to Hebden Bridge before ever! Gosh

They're doing a ton of flood defence works in Mytholmroyd and the queue was huge, so we decided to take the high road back to Sowerby Bridge. This gave us some lovely views of Hebden Bridge, Hawksclough, and Mytholmroyd. It was much quicker. We came back into Sowerby Bridge and went into Temujin, which was empty but more people arrived after us.

I loved the massaman curry sauce I had to start off with, and Lee loved the whole concept and had a bunch of different plates. I knew he'd love it! Sam went off to get her train and on the way back Lee and I popped into a garden centre because I wanted to get a new plant for the bedroom. I've had this gorgeous pinkish plant pot for ages with nothing in it. We got a lovely reddish plant and also a new hanging basket for outside. We still got home around 6pm which was good!

The canal in Sowerby Bridge 

Me and Lee - he made me take this photo, saying it was ages since we'd taken a photo like this

The river in Hebden Bridge, looking high as usual

Looking the other way

Lovely warmed pain au chocolat for lunch

Sam and me and Lee on the main bridge in Hebden Bridge

Looking down on Hawksclough

Massaman curry sauce, I loaded it with cauliflower and broccoli and courgette and mushroom - it was amazing!

Again, the gorgeous canal basin just below the restaurant

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