Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What I Wore 20th March

Friday 20th March was just as everyone was starting to self-isolate properly. Lee and I had been at home most of the week; I'd been to work on Tuesday as normal and he'd been working from home all week, but otherwise we had stayed in and were cancelling weekend plans. I usually spend quite a lot of time at home anyway but I suppose I've always had the choice to go out - I have money, I have a car, I'm free to go wherever I want - so not having that choice was really daunting. So when Lee mentioned he had to go into work for a person to sort out some hardware so his company could all work better from home, I said I'd go with him. He works over in Doncaster so I knew we'd be a few hours including the driving. I took my laptop to do some writing, and after the person had finished Lee and I went to Burger King (in the drive thru) for lunch before coming home. We were sensible - there was no one else in the office and we washed our hands and stuff - but I definitely needed to get out. I'm writing this the day after and I feel a bit more positive at the moment about staying in for the next few weeks. I've got to go to work on Monday to do the payroll - people still need to be paid, after all - but then I may be able to work from home, and if not, then the church centre where I work will only be open for a couple of people and not for any members of the public.

We're lucky, neither of us has health issues that mean we would be likely to be severely unwell if we contracted the virus. We're also lucky because Lee's income is unlikely to be affected by the virus and he will be paid as normal. I'm not sure about me - my hours might be cut. I guess currently all we can do is sit and wait it out. We started redecorating our huge attic room a couple of weeks ago so at least all this is giving us the chance to finish that. We've never decorated it - it was newly decorated when we moved in 16 years ago so it's about time for a change! I'll hopefully share photos in a few weeks.

I think I might also write a post about things I do while I'm at home if I'm unwell. It might help someone out there who isn't used to spending a lot of time at home!

Here's what I wore to go to Lee's work - I pulled on my yellow Scarlett & Jo skirt as it's one of my favourites and it always cheers me up. I recently ordered a three pack of tops from Simply Be because I needed a new black one and a new white one. They were cheap and they're okay, but I find the neckline rises up a lot. Although it is better when I tuck the top into the skirt as I have here.

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