Saturday, April 18, 2020

What I Wore 27th March

Lee and I went to the supermarket on Friday the 27th. I should have been going to see Louis Tomlinson in Doncaster but instead I had a very exciting appointment at Morrisons. The queue was all down one side of the store, given that everyone had to distance 2 metres away from each other, but when we got to the front the staff told us they were only letting one person from each household in. That was kind of a pain, as I can't manage a supermarket by myself, and I wanted to go in and choose some things for myself. Instead, I had to go and sit in the car and wait. Lee sent me some pictures of stuff so I could specify what I wanted, but I still would have liked to go in. Well, I guess that's the strange new world we're living in...

I had put on this yellow skirt because I love it so much, and pulled out what I thought was a plain black top, but it turned out to be the one with the bleached bike cog on it. I do love this top, though.

In the afternoon I decided to paint some rainbows for the front and back of our house. The people across the road have got two in their window and I thought they'd probably like to look at one too. I'm not a brilliant artist but I enjoyed playing around with both the watercolours and the acrylics. My yellow went awry on the acrylics - I should have done that before the green!

Lockdown is weird, unsettling, unnerving. I don't go out much anyway but I'm finding it hard to not have the option to go out when I want to. Here's to a better time soon!

Standing on the back doorstep 

My watercolour paints aren't huge but they mix up nicely enough

My watercolour painting, this went in the front window. It's A3

This is the acrylic painting, it went in the kitchen window as that looks out on to our shared yard and people pass by it every day

Also over the weekend I made some earrings and a necklace. My mum had picked some beads out that she wanted making into earrings so the top left earrings and bottom right are for her. I liked the blue and white beads she chose so made some for myself (top middle) which are just a bit shorter. Then I went through the rest of my beads and made the other two pairs for me. I have a new pair of wire snips which make making earrings much easier!

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