Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Walk In Barnsley

I was desperate for some fresh air on April 15th. I had been in the house for days. I'd been out in the garden over the Easter weekend, and I had been out in the car when Lee went into the supermarket, but I hadn't been out, and I was getting itchy feet. I wanted some fresh air and to feel the sun on my skin, and fortunately the weather decided to cooperate.

We needed to head into town as we had to go the bank for my work. I went into work the previous week to collect the post, and people had been really kind and sent several hundred pounds worth of donations for our food bank, which is insanely busy at the moment and needs funding to keep going. I just needed to drop a bag off at the bank so Lee and I went in to town in my car and did that. Then we parked near a little area of grass in the middle of town. There was one other person there, and there's plenty of benches and stuff so it was easy to keep apart from others.

There's quite a lot of flowers so I took some photos, getting quite up close with them. I just used my phone but I think the photos turned out nice! Plus I was wearing my yellow skirt and bleached top - easy to just pop on to go out but they felt nice!

We got home and ate lunch in the garden before Lee had to do some more work. He's okay working from home as he does it a couple of days a week anyway, but he is getting quite bored of not being able to go anywhere. I am too, even though we both understand it's the safest place for us. Still, it was nice to get some Vitamin D!


I don't know what these were, but the colours are gorgeous

And again, this is such a gorgeous orange colour

Here's me!

I couldn't believe that you could even see the little insect in this flower!

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