Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What I Wore October 17th

Lee and I had to pop out on Saturday 17th of October. It was a bit scary really because infection rates were rising and various parts of the country were already in Tier 3 lockdown, and it seemed obvious that South Yorkshire would soon follow (which we did, the following week). I politically lean very left anyway, which I hope is obvious, but I am continually shocked at how badly this government has handled this crisis. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking, back in March, that by October we would be a long way through the crisis and life would be getting back to normal. Instead, the economy is shattered, jobs have been lost, the government decided to not feed children in poverty over the holidays, and the virus is more widespread than ever. It's very depressing. 

Anyway, we went out. I wore this grey top from Yours, which I've had a couple of years at least now. It's got some silver foiling on the roses but it's not obviousy in the photo. I put it on with this skirt that I got from a clothes swap, but I can't remember when. It's handmade, and it's crushed black velvet. I was a teenage goth so definitely wore my fair share of crushed velvet back in the day, which is why I picked this skirt up! I love it, it's quite long so I just wore it with bare legs underneath as we were mostly in the car. 

Plus, of course, my Dr Martens shoes. 

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