Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What I Wore December 12th

Lee and I went Christmas shopping on the 12th of December, which felt really late and disorganised, but the lockdown meant we just hadn't been able to finish it earlier. I love Christmas usually but after the terrible year that 2020 has been, I'm not exactly feeling it. I'm really sad I won't be able to see my aunt, uncle, or cousins. We're going to see my mum and stepdad over Christmas, and Lee's mam just afterwards, but I'm sad that so many of our traditions just can't happen this year. Hopefully next year!

But to go Christmas shopping I thought I would try and dress a bit festively. I bought this top recently for a fiver from someone on Facebook. I think it's new, I really don't think it's been worn at all. It's from Simply Be. I love the silver foiling stars on it. I paired it with a black pleated skirt from Yours Clothing, but I think I got that from a swap or a sale on Facebook, I don't think I bought it new. I rarely wear all black but I liked this outfit a lot. 

We also dropped off my stepdad's birthday present as it was his birthday. We obviously couldn't stay, but the present was quite expensive so I didn't want to trust it to the post. Our post has been terrible again due to Christmas AND the pandemic I'm guessing. But it was nice to go and give Norman his present. 

In the evening we had a family video chat with my family, as my aunt's birthday is the day after my stepdad's. She opened her presents from us which was nice, and we did a quiz together which was fun. We'll be doing very similar for Christmas, I suspect!

I hope you had a nice Christmas, if you were celebrating.

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