Sunday, December 13, 2020

Films of the Month - October

I have barely done anything since I wrote my last films of the month post! Once we'd been on holiday we did very little in October. We went to my mum's once and out once, and I went to work a couple of times to pick things up, but mostly we stayed at home. Virus cases were rising rapidly, so it seemed safer. South Yorkshire then went into Tier 3 so we couldn't mix with anyone. I was struggling working from home and I was considering going back into the officer, but it's got a lot busier again recently and then of course we were told to work from home if possible. 

I had some additional stressors in October too, but I started November with a much sunnier outlook and feeling much better about things. Of course, we in England all went into national lockdown at the beginning of November, and I'm not sure if it'll be over by the time this is published. I guess it's a good thing I don't have to go anywhere, but I have been really lonely. Lee is obviously working from home, but I can't really bother him all the time as he is working! I've been video chatting with some friends and I am determined to just get through it the best I can. 

Anyway, here's the million films I watched in October. At the beginning, we were still on holiday, and Lee and I also carved out a bunch of time to watch films together. 

First of all Lee and I watched The Addams Family while on holiday. It's a classic, I love it

We also watched Withnail and I, which I had been meaning to watch for ages. It's so funny

Sam and Jodie and I watched the new Boys in the Band on Netflix. It's okay, some actors are better than others, but I like the original better

I watched 24 Hour Party People which is one of my favourite films of all time ever. I hadn't seen it in ages

Lee and I watched Scream 2 as we had seen the first one a couple of weeks previously. I think it's the weakest of the original trilogy, but I still like it

I watched Love, Guaranteed which Netflix recommended to me. It was good, very cute. I love Daman Wayans Jr so it was nice to see him

Sam and I watched East is East which neither of us had seen in forever. Not all of it is great but we did still enjoy it

Lee and I watched Scream 3 which I really like for the film in film aspect, but I think the ending is weak

I watched Emma, which tons of my friends have said was great. I did like it, it was very tongue in cheek

Someone had mentioned Coalition, which is a dramatisation of the 2010 election, when no party had a clear majority and the Lib Dems had to decide who to form a government with. It was ridiculous, but I quite enjoyed it in a cynical kind of way

I don't know why I had Romy & Michele's High School Reunion in my head, but I did, so I watched it

Lee and I watched Scream 4, which is definitely the weakest of them all. It has a rubbish motive!

I've never seen Marie Antoinette, can you believe? I liked it, it looks amazing and I love Kirsten Dunst

I watched the new Rebecca on Netflix. The book is one of my favourites, and I like the 1940 film too. This one.... did not match up. Lily James is too pretty to be the new Mrs de Winter, for a start. I thought it looked really pretty, but no, it didn't live up to the book for me

Someone on Twitter had recommended Rocks to me, and I want to pass that on to you. It's GREAT. It's on Netflix, go and watch it! It's about a young girl in London, Rocks, whose mum leaves her and her brother and Rocks has to look after them both. It's lush, there's a lot of really natural scenes of young girls being young girls, which I liked

Lee and I watched Halloween which is one of the horror films I can cope with, because I know where all the scary bits are

Sam and I watched Heavenly Creatures which I had never seen and which she hadn't seen for years. I liked it, I loved the relationship between the two girls and how it turned so sour

Everyone kept saying how great Enola Holmes was, which imagines a younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft and the adventure she has. It is GREAT. Definitely watch it if you like Sherlock Holmes or YA novels, as it's so good on both of those. I am certain there'll be a sequel and I can't wait

Just before Halloween Lee and I watched The Omen, which again is a horror film I can cope with

And finally, on Halloween itself, I watched The Craft with some friends online. I have loved this film for over twenty years so it was great to watch it again

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