Thursday, December 3, 2020

Films of the Month - September

I watched TONS of films in September and I'm really glad I did! It was a good month for films. Plus Lee and I always watch loads of films on holiday, it's what we like to do. 

Here's what I watched:

I had been meaning to watch 1917 for ages, as I'd heard it was good. I liked it, it's obviously a harrowing subject matter but it's so well done

Netflix recommend Room to me. I read the book not long after it came out, and I've seen the film before too, but not for ages. I think it's brilliantly done

Netflix also recommended Kat and the Band to me and while I usually love films about music this was just a bit rubbish. BUT Dougie from McFly was very good so I did enjoy that

Lee and I started on some spooky films for the season but I'm a total wuss so we watch very tame ones. We love the Scream films, the first one is my favourite though

Everyone was watching The Social Dilemma so I did too. I liked it, and it did make me think about social media usage. I am usually quite savvy about fake news, and encourage my mum to do the same when some family members post nonsense or things that are racist. I also set limits for apps on my phone, which I find helps. I'd encourage anyone to watch this!

I've been meaning to watch Springsteen on Broadway for ages and I'm glad I finally did. A load of his songs just sounded amazing being played in such a pared back, low key way. I particularly enjoyed the rendition of Born in the USA (which is an anti war protest song)

When my cousin and his wife came to stay we watched The History Boys as my cousin had never seen it and wanted to. He liked it, but thought the ending was sad

Sam and I watched Interview with the Vampire together, well, apart but watching at the same time and chatting together as we did. Neither of us had seen it before. It's absolutely LUDICROUS isn't it? We just laughed through the whole thing

Lee and I queued up a bunch of films to watch while we were on holiday. The new Bill & Ted film was a top priority! We liked it, it's pretty okay - but I could've lived without Keanu in a fat suit, for sure (they're never ok)

I wanted to rewatch Kill Your Darlings so Lee agreed. We have way different taste in films so often one of us has to compromise. But he quite liked this, so that's a positive!

I also wanted to watch The Magnificent Seven, which I've never seen. Lee readily agreed because he likes it. It's great! I liked Yul Brynner best

I had also suggested we watch Aladdin as I wanted to see it. I haven't seen it since I was about ten years old! Robin Williams is great, obviously

And then we watched X Men: Dark Phoenix. We're a big fan of the X Men films, and especially the reboots with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, but this was just...... miscast. And disappointing. I think this is where the franchise and I part ways

And that's a wrap!

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