Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Trip to Hebden Bridge - Day 1

I have been so desperate to get away somewhere so I was planning a trip to Hebden Bridge by myself - I was looking at hotels and Airbnbs and asked my friend Sam to come meet me for lunch or something. I also wanted to meet up with my friend Janet who lives in Hebden Bridge now. 

Then Lee's company gave the whole company Monday the 2nd of August off! So that was perfect and he could come with me. A lot of the Airbnbs had disappeared since I was looking, but Lee found one at an okay price so we booked it. We took the kittens to stay at my mother's overnight at set off about 1pm for Hebden Bridge. 

We met the Airbnb owner and went in. The house was built into the hillside so the rooms at the back didn't have any windows - the bathroom and kitchen - but the front rooms were nice and homely. But Lee couldn't get the TV working! What a horror! It's funny too because usually he takes his laptop and a cable and we watch stuff he has downloaded, but this time he decided to not take his laptop - typical. Anyway we didn't worry about that so we went down into town.

I wish we had looked at the market because I love Hebden Bridge market, but we didn't because I thought we would have time on the Monday, but then it wasn't open on the Monday. Annoying! We went to a Greek restaurant called Aya Sophia which was serving cocktails, and it was absolutely gorgeous weather so we sat outside and had some drinks. Lee doesn't drink alcohol so I had to drink by myself, but it was fun. 

At 6pm we went along to Rim Nam Thai for something to eat. I LOVE Thai food, and Lee tried penang curry which he's not had before, with chicken. I had tofu massaman curry which is my favourite, and this was particularly good. We shared some rice and some chips and some not-prawn crackers. Delicious!

After food we decided to go back to the house. Lee managed to get the TV working so we watched a film. I'd finished one cross stitch so started another. It was a nice day! 

Here I am with two cocktails - a tequila sunrise and a blue Hawaiian 

And then later with a Long Island iced tea

I liked this map of the area near the canal

The canal

Lee and I in Rim Nam Thai, it was quite busy but it's big so we felt okay 

My massaman curry

The front room of the Airbnb house

And my just started cross stitch!

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